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With the ever-increasing number of officers and airmen, and given the frequent posting of NAF personnel to different locations at different times, the need to establish and run schools for children of Service personnel became obvious. Therefore, a policy directive was issued for the establishment of NAF primary schools in all major NAF formations.
The first primary school in the NAF, Air Force Primary School (AFPS) Ikeja, commenced in 1976 on Isaac John Street, GRA, Ikeja. The school head in the primary school is called the head teacher. The head teacher was supported by 2 assistant head teachers and 3 supervisors. The first head teacher of AFPS Ikeja was Mrs GC Ojo. Other schools were later established in Lagos, Kaduna, Makurdi and Kano.
More primary schools have since sprung up with the result that today the NAF has 20 primary schools across the country as listed below:
1.      Air Force Primary School 1 Ikeja, Lagos
2.      Air Force Primary School Victoria Island
3.      Air Force Primary School Enugu, Enugu State
4.      Air Force Primary School Kaduna, Kaduna
5.      Air Force Primary School Kano, Kano State
6.      Air Force Primary School Markurdi, Benue
7.      Air Force Primary School Benin, Edo State
8.      Air Force Primary School Jos, Plateau State
9.      Air Force Primary School Port Harcourt, River State
10.    Air Force Primary School Kainji, Niger State
11.    Air Force Primary School Ilorin, Kwara State
12.    Air Force Primary School 2 Ikeja, Lagos State
13.    Air Force Primary School 3 Ikeja, Lagos State
14.    Air Force Primary School Yola, Adamawa State
15.    Air Force Primary School Ibadan, Oyo State
16.    Air Force Primary School Maiduguri, Borno State
17.    Air Force Primary School Shasha, Lagos State
18.    Air Force Primary School 2 Kaduna, Kaduna State
19.    Air Force Primary School Ipetu Ijesha, Osun State
20.    Air Force Primary School Bauchi, Bauchi State

21.    Air Force Primary School Minna, Niger State

The DOEDN also advises on educational aspects of training in the Service and matters of educational organization, establishment and personnel.The Directorate of education specifically performs the following duties:
  a.      Maintaining liaison with the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy, governmental departments and other external professional/ educational bodies.      
b.      Determining the academic and professional potentials of personnel and civilians at the time of their enlistment into the NAF.
c.       Advising on the suitability of personnel for appropriate NAF/Non-NAF Education Sponsorship.
d.      Monitoring the progress of NAF personnel in academic institutions.
e.      Organizing Training Days through the Command Education Officers (CEOs) at Command level and Base Education Officers (BEOs) at the unit level.
f.       Planning and developing the curriculum in NAF training schools.        
g.      Providing academic instructors for NAF training institutions like Ground Training Centre (GTC), Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) and the Flying Schools.   
h.      Contributing staff officers for the Directorate of Manuals, Directorate of Archives and Museum, Directorate of Training and Operation, Directorate of Recruitment, Resettlement and Rehabilitation.
i.        Operating Guidance and Counseling Centers through the BEOs in all NAF units.
j.        Providing Library facilities in units for all ranks.
k.       Supervising and administering all NAF Libraries.
l.        Professionally supervising the Secondary and Primary Schools in the NAF.
m.     Other duties that may be directed by the Chief of Administration (COA) from time to time.